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Search criteria: Herbier Louis-Marie (QFA) (Université Laval QFA)
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Cardamine pratensis var. augustifolia
Salvaille, Serge
Carex abitibiana Lepage
Dutilly, Arthème; Lepage, Ernest
Carex acuta var. sparsiflora Dewey
Provancher, Léon
Carex aquatilis var. minor Boott.
Tremblay, Benoît
Carex argyrantha var. aenea (Fern.) Boivin
Blondeau, Marcel
Carex bigelowii f. anquillata
Audet, G.
Carex bigelowii subsp. bigelowii
Blondeau, Marcel
Carex capillaris subsp. fuscidula (V. I. Kreczetovicz ex T. V Egorova) À. Löve & D. Löve
Saarela, Jeffery M.; Sokoloff, Paul C.; Bull, R. D.

Page 8, records 1,401-1,600 of 14,461
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