The Gray Herbarium (Harvard University Herbaria) (Harvard University-GH)

The Gray Herbarium contains nearly 2,000,000 specimens and is worldwide in scope. Particular strengths lie in collections from all of North America, including Mexico and the West Indies. The collection contains holotypes, syntypes, Asa Gray photo and isotypes of species described by staff members such as Gray, Watson, Fernald, Johnston, Robinson, Smith, Weatherby, Rollins, and Tryon. Exchange between Gray and J. D. Hooker, the De Candolles and others resulted in the deposition in the Gray Herbarium of isotypes or syntypes of taxa from around the world described by Gray\'s European contemporaries. Many early or important individual collections are deposited in the Gray Herbarium. In recent years the New World representation in the Herbaria has grown through staff collections
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Collection Type: Preserved Specimens
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Last Update: 21 February 2023
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Harvard University Herbaria
22 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts   02138
United States of America
Collection Statistics
  • 109,705 specimen records
  • 653 (0.6%) georeferenced
  • 67,516 (62%) with images (72,956 total images)
  • 95,406 (87%) identified to species
  • 203 families
  • 1,200 genera
  • 4,369 species
  • 4,396 total taxa (including subsp. and var.)
Extra Statistics
Geographic Distribution
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