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Albion R. Hodgdon Herbarium, University of New Hampshire

University of New Hampshire:NHA
NHA-506677K. J. Jahr   2502002-06-12
United States of America, New Hampshire, Rockingham, Portsmouth Hospital Site, Located circa 4 mile south of downtown Portsmouth on west side of Route 1 and behind parking lot, site entrance northwest corner of paved lot, large 13 acre isolated emergent wetland fed by groundwater and created for mitigation purposes, 43.05807 -70.78256

University of New Hampshire:NHA
NHA-519333K. J. Jahr   2302002-06-11
United States of America, New Hampshire, Rockingham, Pine Road/Route 101 mitigation site, located circa 3.2 miles west of Exeter on west side of Pine Road and just south of Route 101, circa 15 acre emergent wetland in eastern part of a wetland complex created for mitigation purposes, 42.98892 -71.04488

Chrysler Herbarium Specimen Observations

Rutgers University:CHRB:Observations
Leadbetter, Clayton   CL252011-09-12
USA, NJ, Middlesex, New Brunswick. Rutgers Cook/Douglas Campus, Hort Farm 3 in hazelnut research plot, off Ryders Lane., 40.4695 -74.4235

E. C. Smith Herbarium, Acadia University

Acadia University:ACAD
ECS016503Blaney, CS   2570
Canada, Nova Scotia, Colchester, Five Islands Provincial Park, 45.3928 -64.06

George Safford Torrey Herbarium, University of Connecticut

University of Connecticut:CONN
CONN00128526Nicholas P. Tippery   5192011-05-31
United States of America, Connecticut, Tolland, University of Connecticut, 41.80916 -72.25361

New England Botanical Club (Harvard University Herbaria)

Harvard University-NEBC:NEBC
barcode-00602483M. J. Oldham   139201992-06-30
United States of America, Maine, Acadia National Park

Harvard University-NEBC:NEBC
barcode-00602484B. A. Sorrie & S. Higginbotham   28731985-05-09
United States of America, Maine, Salem

Harvard University-NEBC:NEBC
barcode-00602485B. A. Sorrie   8901981-05-17
United States of America, Maine, Framingham

Harvard University-NEBC:NEBC
barcode-00602486B. A. Sorrie   8621981-05-07
United States of America, Maine, Westwood

Harvard University-NEBC:NEBC
barcode-00602487B. A. Sorrie   8771981-05-10
United States of America, Maine, Dartmouth

Harvard University-NEBC:NEBC
barcode-00602488B. A. Sorrie   8561981-05-06
United States of America, Maine, Kingston

Harvard University-NEBC:NEBC
barcode-00602490C. B. Graves   1901-05-17
United States of America, Connecticut, New London County, East Lyme, 41.36116 -72.23266

Royal Botanical Gardens Herbarium

Royal Botanical Gardens:HAM
15953C. J. Rothfels   2882002-05-25
Canada, Ontario, Between G.R.Allen High School and Glen St; Westdale.

Royal Botanical Gardens:HAM
16202C. J. Rothfels, D. Gugler   4302002-05-22
Canada, Ontario, Royal Botanical Gardens; Hendrie Park - near Clematis collection - Rose Garden

Royal Botanical Gardens:HAM
16674C. J. Rothfels, J. L. Sylvester, S. R. Spisani   4632003-05-12
Canada, Ontario, Royal Botanical Gardens; Old Guelph Rd at Mercer's Glen

Royal Botanical Gardens:HAM
19487C. J. Rothfels   21552005-05-16
Canada, Ontario, Downtown Hamilton. The west side of Queen Street, across from the end of Hunter Street.

Royal Botanical Gardens:HAM
19700C. J. Rothfels   21762006-05-27
Canada, Ontario, Royal Botanical Gardens; High Level. Around the McQuestion Monument: Harbour side of York Blvd, north of the High Level Bridge.

Royal Botanical Gardens:HAM
19811C. J. Rothfels, S. Y. Gibson   21972006-06-03
Canada, Ontario, Downtown Hamilton. South side of Hunter St. at Hughson.

Royal Botanical Gardens:HAM
60281J. S. Pringle   27472017-06-01
Canada, Ontario, Garden "island", southeast side of Royal Botanical Gardens main centre parking lot, Royal Botanical Gardens, Ontario

University of Massachusetts Amherst, Herbarium

University of Massachusetts, Amherst:MASS
00380046H. E. Ahles   1980-05-26
United States of America, Massachusetts, Hampden, NA, 42.2042618 -72.6161995

University of Massachusetts, Amherst:MASS
00380045H. E. Ahles   1980-05-23
United States of America, Massachusetts, Hampden, NA, 42.2042618 -72.6161995

Western Connecticut State University Herbarium

Western Connecticut State University:WCSU
WCSU-01191Russ Andrew   291996-06-00
United States of America, Connecticut, Fairfield, 41.40136 -73.47053

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