Demonstration Project

Epipactis helliborine

We aim to create a demonstration database that combines specimen information from all our herbaria, demonstrating the power that a consortium can bring to bear on our understanding of the temporal and spatial distributions of species. This project in its current manifestation is not an attempt to create a full-featured data sharing portal.

To participate, members are asked to send excel files to Patrick Sweeney with collection information for Celastrus orbiculatus, C. scandens, and Epipactis helleborine. We have set these deadlines for submission of data: Cleastrus scandens by Nov. 1, C. orbiculatus by Feb. 1, and Epipactis helleborine by May 1.

An example data file resulting from the original 2004 initiative was kindly provided by Janet Sullivan. A modified version can be downloaded here. This modified version includes an example worksheet plus a blank worksheet with the desired fields. The fields in bold should adhere to the Darwin Core standard (website). A quick reference guide to Darwin Core Terms can be found here: terms.